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Getting to Smoky Bar Store is EASY! Here are some detailed directions!



Fairfield, Idaho is located between Mountain Home and Sun Valley, ID on State Highway 20. 


Turn NORTH into the town of Fairfield. Proceed North of town approximately 10 miles to where the road forks and turns into dirt. Take the RIGHT fork, which will take you over Couch Summit.


Follow this road, which PARALlELS Little Smoky Creek, approximately 13 miles. After crossing BIG SMOKY CREEK, the road forks. veer LEFT (towards Featherville/Pine).


SMOKY BAR STORE is on your LEFT...  




this is a 2 beverage drive;PLEASE PREPARE ACCORDINGLY

Drive North out of Fairfield, hang a right, hit the dirt road, go up the summit, down the summit, cross two rivers, hang a left 


Shorter version:


Follow the signs to the methodist camp, turn left at the fork towards featherville


here's a Google map:













***Extra points GIVEN for deer, elk and moose sightings***

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